Continuing Education (CE) Requirements for Washington nurses – RNs and LPNs

Per the Washington Nursing Commission (WA Board of Nursing), beginning January 1, 2014, and every 3 years thereafter, Washington RNs and LPNs are required to complete:

  • 531 hours of active nursing practice
  • 45 hours of continuing nursing education.

Acceptable types of continuing education programs include workshops, seminars, classroom education, online programs, in-service programs, self-study, and presentations.

The Washington Nursing Commission does not accredit or approve continuing education courses and will accept courses from providers approved by such professional organizations as the American Psychological Association and the California Board of Nursing. is an approved provider of both of these organizations. Continuing education activities must relate to the nurse’s area of professional practice or areas identified through self-assessment and reflection for professional growth and development.

The Washington Nursing Commission will accept online continuing education courses from that relate to a nurse’s current area of practice or future nursing goals.

For example, Washington nurses are required to complete a 6-hour continuing education course in suicide assessment, treatment, and management. This requirement can be met by taking the 6-hour online training course entitled, Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management. This quality online program is a cost-effective, convenient way for WA nurses to become more informed about this important topic. Click here for additional course details.

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Page last modified or reviewed on September 29, 2014