About Us

At Health (athealth.com) was founded in 1997 by a psychiatrist - Dr. John Miller - to provide mental health information and services for mental health professionals and those they serve. Our online community includes clinicians, academicians, and students committed to meeting the diverse needs of those with mental health concerns.

Mental health touches everyone. It is the child traumatized by domestic violence; the teenager addicted to drugs; the working mother caring for a disabled family member; the single parent coping with an ADHD child; the college student struggling with anorexia; the young mother suffering from postpartum depression; the middle-aged man grieving the death of his wife; the aging grandmother with early Alzheimer's; the family in conflict; the couple seeking to improve their communication and enhance the quality of their lives.

Our Mission

To offer high quality and easily accessible educational programs for mental health professionals that will help them develop and maintain professional excellence.
We feel privileged to be a part of that effort.

Our History

In early 2018 Dr. Miller retired from his full time role in day-to-day operations for At Health. Andy Michaels, who had been a member of the At Health team since 2013, took over the business with his wife Jill. Andy and Jill plan to continue the legacy of service and quality that Dr. Miller established.

Advisory Board

In order to best serve Mental Health Professionals and monitor the changing landscape that impacts you and your patients, we have established an advisory board.

This board is made up of professionals from different disciplines and backgrounds to allow At Health to bring you current, relevant continuing education on topics you need.

Dr. John Miller

John L. (Jack) Miller, MD. Dr. Miller was the former President and CEO of At Health, Inc and currently serves as CE Director for At Health, LLC. He graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine and completed residencies in pediatrics and adult psychiatry, as well as a fellowship in child psychiatry. He practiced adult and adolescent psychiatry in Bellevue, WA, and later joined the TRICARE Northwest Lead Agency at Madigan Army Medical Center as the Mental Health Director. At Madigan he also served as the Mental Health Disease Management Chief in the Outcomes Management Division and the Health Information Management Director of the Child, Adolescent and Family Behavioral Health Office. He later joined the Behavioral Health Data Portal (BHDP) Program Management Office as a clinical subject matter expert to provide technical and clinical oversight for the redesign, development, pilot testing and deployment of the Behavioral Health Data Portal (BHDP) to more than fifty of the Army’s mental health clinics. As a member of the BHDP team, he shared in the Excellence in Enterprise Information Award from the Association for Enterprise Information as the Government Awardee for 2013.

Dr. Julie Nelligan

Dr. Nelligan graduated from Ohio State University with a doctorate in clinical psychology and opened her private practice in 2005. Since then she has helped hundreds of people with anxiety and mood disorders, as well as relationships struggles and life transitions. Her clinical specialty is in health psychology. She specializes in working with individuals who have health conditions such as autoimmune disorders and chronic pain, as well as people with histories of trauma and PTSD. When she's not meeting with clients or writing, she is usually out exploring Portland with her two dogs.

Dr. Amy Eldridge

Dr. Eldridge, PhD is Dean Emerita of the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, having served in that role between 1998 and 2012, and is currently on their faculty.  She currently serves as the Social Work Consultant for At Health, LLC. She has a psychotherapy practice with adults, adolescents, and children in downtown Chicago and more recently, in Asheville, NC.  She also consults on clinical practice, training and leadership issues.  Dr. Eldridge is the President Elect of the International Association of the Psychology of the Self, is an editor for the Psychoanalytic Social Work Journal, is a Distinguished Social Work Practitioner in the National Academies of Practice, and is the author of numerous published papers on clinical practice.