"I have always enjoyed your CE courses. And your new web site makes it very easy.  And the full year I have to take the purchased courses is just right. And I can log in and easily see all courses I have taken. Thanks much for your support at this level." - David (PhD in CA) - March 2015

"I wish to take this opportunity to let you know how happy I am with the qualified continuing education courses I have taken from athealthCE to comply with my psychologist licensing requirements. I always learn something new in these courses. And staff have been very helpful in resolving occasional issues promptly and with no fuss. And the fees are quite reasonable. Thanks much for your assistance. I look forward to continuing to purchase courses from athealthCE."  David (PhD in CA) - Feb 2014

"As a customer of athealthCE.com I wanted to say THANK YOU! I appreciate the outstanding excellent customer service that is consistent, friendly, professional and informative! Your office is communicative and responsive which is very important, especally when your customer is either in a  rush or under deadline to finish certifications.   Having taken multiple classes over a wide range of topics for the past several years, (from those more traditional to those of my liking), I have found across the board the subject matter to be presented in a thorough manner, from top professionals within that field of study and I thank you for that. Just as important, the webinars are VERY interesting and thought provoking! Finally, especially important to those who are non-technical, it is completely EASY AND INTUITIVE to take the course, finish the course and print the Certificate.  Thus, athealthCE.com is at the top of my chart and will remain there.  It is a pleasure to have such a positive experience in taking a webinar that is required for one reason or another. Thank you very much for your continued efforts to provide such excellent service."  -Dr. Brown (Psychologist) - January 2014

"I have taken 5 courses from athealth.com so far. I've found these courses fit well into my lifestyle, and they have been interesting and informative. Because I can choose courses based on my current needs for information, they are very useful. I particularly like that I can choose to read the material from my computer or I can print it out to read in spare moments away from the office. Printing the test in advance lets me save time by answering as I learn. Note that tests do not always ask the most critical or obvious questions--they test both your knowledge and that you have actually read the material! I think that's a good thing in continuing education because it prevents you from getting credit for things you already know, with the result that you are meeting your requirements technically, but are not actually learning. I've also found the staff very quick to respond and helpful when I've had a problem or a question about the web site or technology. I have no hesitation in recommending athealth.com to others."
- Susan Joy Smellie, MS, LMHC, ATR - January 2014

Keep up the good work! Course are concise, interesting, and very pertinent to clinical
practice.  - Jed H. Weitzen, PhD - NY

Many thanks! Your courses and your service are truly excellent!
- Gretchen Zimmerman, PsyD – AZ

Thanks! You guys are amazing. You can quote me on this. The course quality is better than anything that I have experienced or that my colleagues tell me about elsewhere. The convenience is simply great icing on the cake. Everything works as it should! Keep up the
wonderful work.   - William McCown, PhD, Professor, Psychology - LA


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