Refund Policy and Complaint Procedure

Refund Policy for Online Courses

Customer satisfaction is very important to us.
If you are not satisfied with your online course for any reason, we will be happy to replace your course with another title from the catalog or issue a full refund. You can submit a request by logging in to your account and completing the Refund / Exchange Request form.

Once you submit the request, we will remove the course from your account and replace or refund your purchase within three (3) business days.

Complaint Procedure

Any complaints not addressable with a refund or exchange should be directed initially to the CE Project Manager at [email protected]. If the CE Project Manager is unable to resolve a complaint, the CE Project Manager refers the complaint to the CE Director. If the CE Director is unable to resolve the matter, the complainant is asked to submit his/her complaint, the reason for the complaint, and any requested resolution in writing to the CE Director. The CE Director will consider the written request and respond in writing to the complaint within ten (10) days of receipt of the written request.

Page last modified on July 25, 2014