Suicide Assessment and Management

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Suicide assessment, prevention, and intervention is a topic relevant to all health care providers. Therapists are on the front line treating patients and always listening for clues of suicidality. This popular course will help you to sharpen your clinical skills. Research shows that most people who kill themselves have a diagnosable mental or substance use disorder, or both, and that the majority of them have depressive illness.

Enroll now in the online CE course, Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management and earn all 6 credits quickly on your computer.

The course explores:

  • prevalence
  • risk factors
  • screening
  • assessment
  • treatment
  • management

You will learn about:

  • co-occurring mental and substance use disorders
  • suicide in the military
  • assessing suicide risk in children
  • suicide crisis intervention strategies
  • ethical considerations of suicide risk
  • 25 practical, hands-on strategies to help you assess and treat suicidal patients

Additional materials for you include 25 practical, hands-on strategies for counselors to assist in their interactions with suicidal clients.

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