Suicide Assessment

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In 2012, the Washington State legislature passed the law, RCW 43.70.442, commonly called the Matt Adler Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management Training Act. The legislature hopes to lower Washington’s suicide rate by requiring you to take six (6) hours of CE in suicide-related assessment, treatment and management.

You are on the front line treating patients and listening for clues of suicidality all the time. The intent of the law is to help you to sharpen your clinical skills.

To meet the law’s requirements, you could…. leave work for a day, travel to conference site, and pay $130 - $175 to attend a live training. Or you could relax in your office or home, spend only $68 – less than ½ the conference cost – and earn your credits an easier way.

Enroll in the online CE course, Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management and earn all 6 credits quickly on your computer.

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The course teaches you about suicide:

  • prevalence
  • risk factors
  • screening
  • assessment
  • treatment
  • management

You will learn about:

  • co-occurring mental and substance use disorders
  • suicide in the military
  • assessing suicide risk in children
  • suicide crisis intervention strategies
  • ethical considerations of suicide risk
  • 25 practical, hands-on strategies to help you assess and treat suicidal patients

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