Continuing Education (CE) for Nurses in Pennsylvania

Attention: Several states and disciplines have relaxed requirements regarding live / in person Continuing Education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check with your board to see the most current requirements.

RNs in PA are required to take:

  • 30 hours of continuing education (CE) every 2 years
  • Continuing education must be relevant to patient care or professional nursing in a general or specialty area and enhance the knowledge and application of the physical, social, biological and behavioral sciences.
  • Courses in areas related to nursing such as the following are acceptable:

(1) Human sexuality
(2) Death, dying and grief
(3) Foreign language relevant to health care
(4) Therapeutic interpersonal relationship skills
(5) Patient rights
(6) Pharmacology

CE Approvals

The PA Board of nursing accepts distance learning activities sponsored by national nursing, medical, osteopathic and other health care professional organizations and their state and regional affiliates.

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Act 31 Child Abuse: All health-related licensees applying for the renewal of a license issued by the Board shall be required to complete at least 2 hours of Board approved continuing education in child abuse recognition and reporting requirements. The reporting for this mandatory training program differs from the reporting for ordinary continuing education. Currently, does not have a course that meets this 2-credit requirement. For additional information about Act 31, see PA Act 31 FAQs.

State laws can change. Practitioners are responsible for determining their state’s licensure requirements. To view the PA continuing education regulations, click the button below.

CE requirements for PA nurses

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