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Most Popular CE Courses for Psychologists

Here's a list of our most popular courses among Psychologists in recent months:

  • Ethics and Risk Management: Confidentiality in the Digital World - 3 credits, includes MP3 Audio
    Today, psychotherapists of all professional disciplines must make thoughtful decisions about whether and to what extent they will incorporate electronic technology into their professional lives. To practice ethically, therapists who use digital and other technology must develop privacy and confidentiality protocols. This program focuses on issues related to risk management, online counseling, and HIPAA.
  • Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management - 6 credits
    This course discusses prevalence, risk factors, screening, assessment, safety planning, treatment, and management. Topics include a clinical practice guideline for the assessment and management of patients at risk for suicide, co-occurring mental and substance use disorders, suicide in the military, suicide risk in children, suicide crisis intervention strategies, and ethical considerations in the assessment and management of suicide risk.
  • Trauma Informed Care - 6 credits
    This course discusses the impact of trauma on individuals and communities and identifies common mental health and substance use disorders associated with trauma. The material includes screening and assessment tools and strategies to addresses clinical issues important in treating those affected by trauma.
  • Cultural Competence: The Immigrant Experience - 3 credits
    Even with the best of intentions and belief in our own objectivity/impartiality, we practitioners often unwittingly, even unconsciously, impose presumptuous interpretations and interventions on clients' lives. It should come as no surprise, then, that ethnic minority groups are the smallest users of mental health services, and when these groups do use treatment, they show the highest premature termination rate of any social group.
  • Ethics in Counseling: Staying on Track - 4 credits
    This course examines ethical issues related to developing and maintaining clinical excellence, using Gestalt principles to avoid ethical errors, applying ethical standards in couple, marriage, and family therapy, and identifying and avoiding ethical concerns related to technology and counseling.

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