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CBT - Treating Cocaine Addiction - Termination

Final Session: Termination

Tasks for the Termination Session

  • Reviewing the treatment plan and goals
  • Getting feedback from therapists on their view of patients' progress
  • Getting patients' feedback on the most and least helpful aspects of treatment

Session Goals

The major function of the last session is a final review.

    • Review the treatment plan and goals, identifying areas in which the patients' goals were met and progress was made, as well as areas where less progress was made and further attention may be warranted.
    • Therapists should provide feedback on their view of the progress made by the patients, and particularly the skills and principles that were mastered and those that patients might continue to focus on.
    • Patients should provide feedback on the most and least helpful aspects of treatment, as well as their concerns about what will happen after they leave treatment.

Some patients, particularly those who have not achieved stable abstinence, should be encouraged to continue in treatment in either a clinical program or inpatient or day-treatment facilities, as appropriate.

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