Washington State Chemical Dependency Professionals Continuing Education Requirements

WA State chemical dependency professionals (CDPs) must complete 28 hours of continuing education (CE) and 12 hours of professional development activities (PDA) for a total of 40 hours every two years.

Required CE and PDA activities are:

  1. At least 14 credit hours completed in one or more of the following topic areas listed in WAC 246-811-240(2)(a)-(w):
    • Understanding addiction.
    • Pharmacological actions of alcohol and other drugs.
    • Substance abuse and addiction treatment methods.
    • Understanding addiction placement, continuing care, and discharge criteria, including American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria.
    • Cultural diversity including people with disabilities and its implication for treatment.
    • Chemical dependency clinical evaluation (screening and referral to include comorbidity).
    • HIV/AIDS brief risk intervention for the chemically dependent. Chemical dependency treatment planning.
    • Referral and use of community resources.
    • Service coordination (implementing the treatment plan, consulting, continuing assessment and treatment planning).
    • Individual counseling. Group counseling.
    • Chemical dependency counseling for families, couples and significant others.
    • Developmental psychology.
    • Psychopathology/abnormal psychology.
    • Documentation, to include, screening, intake, assessment, treatment plan, clinical reports, clinical progress notes, discharge summaries and other client related data.
    • Chemical dependency confidentiality.
    • Professional and ethical responsibilities.
    • Relapse prevention.
    • Adolescent chemical dependency assessment and treatment.
    • Chemical dependency case management.
    • Chemical dependency rules and regulations.Once every 6 years, chemical dependency professionals must complete at least 3 hours of training in suicide assessment, including screening and referral, as specified in WAC 246-811-280. These hours count toward the required 28 credit hours of required continuing education (CE).
  2. Four (4) hours of professional ethics and law;
  3. Ten (10) hours additional training. These hours must relate to the various phases of the CDP’s professional career.
  4. Twelve (12) hours of professional development activities (PDA).Professional development activities (PDA) include clinical evaluation, individual counseling, group counseling, counseling family, couples, and significant others, professional and ethical responsibilities, understanding addiction, treatment knowledge, application to practice, professional readiness, treatment planning, referral, service coordination, client, family, and community education, screening, intake, assessment, clinical reports, clinical progress notes, discharge summaries, and other client-related data.

CE Approvals:

The Board accepts courses from providers approved by NAADAC and others. Athealth.com is approved as a continuing education provider by the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) Provider #148460.

WA State chemical dependency professionals can earn all of their credits online through athealth.com.

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Washington Chemical Dependency Professionals CE Regulations

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